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Next Generation 015 - Wilson

Next Generation  28th May 2016   0:20:09

Olly Barnes interviews Detroit rockers Wilson during their 2016 UK tour.

Featuring: Wilson

The Iron Maidens

Next Generation 013 - The Iron Maidens

Next Generation  18th Apr 2016   0:25:07

Olly Barnes talks exclusively to the world's only all-female Iron Maiden tribute band

Featuring: The Iron Maidens


Next Generation 012 - Greenleaf

Next Generation  10th Apr 2016   0:21:09

Olly Barnes talks to Vocalist Arvid Jonsson and Guitarist and founder member Tommi Holappa as they introduce their great stoner

Featuring: Greenleaf


CRMP # 020 - Saxon, Lee Aaron, Rogue Male

26th Mar 2016   1:16:18

Olly Barnes talks exclusively to Biff from Saxon, Lee Aaron and Jim Lyttle from Rogue Male

Featuring: Saxon, Lee Aaron, Rogue Male, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ace Frehley


Next Generation 011 - Syteria

Next Generation  19th Mar 2016   0:22:31

Olly Barnes talks to Girlschool guitarist Jackie Chambers about her side-project, Syteria

Featuring: Syteria

Mammoth Mammoth

Next Generation 010 - Mammoth Mammoth

Next Generation  13th Mar 2016   0:18:40

Olly Barnes talks exclusively to Aussie Classic Rock band Mammoth Mammoth

Featuring: Mammoth Mammoth


Next Generation 007 - Crobot

Next Generation  11th Oct 2015   0:19:50

Exclusive interview with Brandon Yeagley from Crobot & 2 tunes from them

Featuring: Crobot

Blackberry Smoke

Next Generation 005 - Blackberry Smoke

Next Generation  8th Sep 2015   0:16:30

Exclusive interview and music from Southern/Country Rock band Blackberry Smoke

Featuring: Blackberry Smoke

The Amorettes

Next Generation 004 - The Amorettes

Next Generation  17th Aug 2015   0:23:30

An exclusive interview with Scottish all-girl power trio, The Amorettes.

Featuring: The Amorettes

Blue Oyster Cult

CRMP # 18 - BOC, Bernie Marsden, Jean Beauvoir

9th Aug 2015   1:16:00

Blue Oyster Cult, Bernie Marsden and Jean Beauvoir

Featuring: Blue Oyster Cult, Bernie Marsden, Beauvoir/Free, Ratt, Scorpions, UFO, Paice Ashton Lord, Whitesnake, KISS, Crown Of Thorns, Plasmatics

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