CRMP # 14 - March 2015

  • Steve Vai
  • Deep Purple
  • Tygers Of Pan Tang
  • Alcatrazz
  • Scorpions
  • David Lee Roth
  • Whitesnake

Guitar legend Steve Vai talks to the show about his last solo album The Story Of Light, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, Walter Hill’s movie Crossroads when he played the demonic guitar duellist Jack Butler and of course comparisons in the 80s with his contemporaries, including Eddie Van Halen:

“I admired Edward so much, you know, I loved that old Van Halen stuff and he really revolutionised rock guitar so I couldn’t, in my mind consider competing, because it’s foolish you can’t compete with Van Halen you know? So the way I looked at it was, that was that, but now this is this.”

We also feature Robb Weir, founder member of NWOBHM pioneers the Tygers Of Pan Tang who talks about their history, their new album and a story allegedly related to the song ‘Suzie Smiled’ from their Wild Cat album:

“I said to her ‘I saw you from across the bar you were obviously rolling your eyes at me’ and she blinked and popped her glass eye out….held it in her hand and smiled…...To this day I can’t remember if I gave her eye back!....Her name was Susie.”

Finally Drummer Ian Paice, talks about his stints with Whitesnake, Gary Moore and of course his ever-present status with Deep Purple including how they became trapped at Knebworth Park after the band’s triumphant homecoming show there in 1984:

“We were 3 hours trying to get out of that bloody place in a shitty old Ford van that was just meant to take us to the other side of the park so we could get in our cars and go home. Yeah that was really good!”