CRMP # 2 - September 2010

Your new home for all things Classic Rock and Metal

  • Herman Rarebell
  • Triumph
  • VoiVod
  • Y&T
  • Accept
  • Terry Brock

This month interviews from former Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell on his life with the band, the future and his new solo album and audiobook.

Canadian prog metallers VoiVod talk Jason Newsted, losing Piggy and the two albums they completed after his death.

Accept’s Wolf Hoffman talks about their incredible comeback with singer Mark Tornillo and the new album that’s catapulting them back to headline status worldwide.

Music comes from Triumph, Herman Rarebell, VoiVod, Accept, Y&T and Terry Brock plus the news, new release roundup and Archive Rock Chart, this month from September 1983.

Featured albums

Blood Of The Nations (2010)
Nuclear Blast
Diamond Blue
Terry Brock
Greatest Hits Remixed
Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Blast
Mean Streak Remastered
Take It As It Comes
Dark Star Records
Herman Rarebell

Show notes

Phil Kennemore of Y&T
Phil has cancer and is receiving expensive treatment to get him back on the road as soon as possible. Send money here and help him get there sooner. Also think of something nice/funny to say and tell him about it here. Don’t think about it - DO IT.

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